2022 Speaker Profile

Catina O’Leary headshot

Catina O’Leary, President and CEO, Health Literacy Media

Catina O’Leary, PhD, LMSW, is President and CEO at Health Literacy Media (HLM). Catina oversees HLM’s core activities and works to set and maintain the strategic vision for the organization. Before joining HLM in 2012, Catina led large-scale community-engaged research projects at Washington University School of Medicine at sites across the US and internationally. Catina is a member of many boards and committees, including the International Health Literacy Association’s Standing Committee on Strategic Planning and Implementation and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Roundtable on Health Literacy.


The Messaging Ecosystem: The Challenges of Engaging Patients on Social Media

Health Literacy communications are interrelated and collectively contribute to effective messaging if they're aligned correctly in what makes up a messaging ecosystem. Print, digital and mobile communications converge to create multiple touchpoints for the patient to have access to information.

In this session, we will learn how to create an effective messaging ecosystem that aligns communications in their tone, terminology and even overall design style.

Technology provides the Tools but the Solutions are Human

Digital and social technology are necessary tools to reach and engage individuals and communities around health – and can be used with positive and negative results. Implementing health literacy strategies into the development and dissemination of health and science information is critical to the process of communicating complex information. This brief session will focus on the use of digital tools in audience testing to support efficient and effective message dissemination in a complex, rapidly evolving health communication environment.